Saturday, 9 June 2012

Euro 2012. Wine by Wine. Germany

Hans Wirsching St Veit 
blends Scheurebe, 
Silvaner and Riesling
German wine history is as old as the nation, viticulture having been established by the Romans.

Riesling is king in Germany. It is the great white grape.

The wines range in style from just dry to cloyingly sweet Trockenbeerenauslese, and vary in strength from just 9% ABV. Prices start competitively, but rare and ancient top quality vintages fetch thousands.

Thankfully, nowadays plenty of young, dry, authentic Rieslings, particularly from Germany, abound with floral scents and flavours ranging from sharp apple, through allspice to honeyed nectarine.

German Rieslings start at just 9% alcohol and don't get that much heavier so can be consumed all day long.

Perfect party wine?
So for everyday drinking I recommend you have it young and fresh in a crisp and elegant Kabinett.

Just one word of caution. Much German Riesling is off-dry or even sweet so if you're unfamiliar with German wine just look for the word trocken on the label. It means dry. Which is how I find German football.

Iris Ellman of specialists The Wine Barn suggests as a perfect party wine the 3 Winzer Riesling 2010 from Rheinhessen at £8.88 or an even more youthful apple-fresh 2011 Hans Wirsching St Veit at £11.40.
Dr Heger Spätburgunder
Sonett 2009

You could always opt for a German red wine of course.

The very Teutonic sounding Spätburgunder is Mesut Oezil to Portugal's silky smooth Ronaldo, and is equally a delightful surprise package - highly prized and highly priced in its intense premium form.

With a dash of liquorice and hints of thyme Dr Heger Spätburgunder Sonett 2009 is available at £14.85 from The Wine Barn.

Football prediction? Expect Germany to make the final.

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