Friday, 25 March 2011

Chardonnay is back. Take it from me.

Also available at Tesco,
Redwood Creek Chardonnay
is on offer at Asda -
a snip at just £4.98!

For some time everyday easy-drinking (yes, I mean cheap!) New World Chardonnay has been taking a hammering. Having taken blowsy Australian versions to its heart the world then took it into its head to take against Chardonnay and it seems to have taken a Canadian making wine in California to have us take it all - or most of it - back.

Redwood Creek winemaker Sean Hails' early journeys in oenology led him to Australia so it is no wonder that he has since developed a Chardonnay that exemplifies exactly what the holier-than-thou ABC (Anything-But-Chardonnay) brigade are missing. And to be honest, they don't deserve it. Not one drop. 

Redwood Creek Chardonnay 2009 is a slick pale golden yellow whose 13.3% of Alcohol By Volume clings to the side of the glass with sufficient vigour to provide  knowledgeable imbibers with the clearest hint as to what's about to assault your sense of anticipation, assail your nostrils and attack your palate. 

On the nose it's all freshly opened green-skinned white fleshed Granny Smiths - you know when you twist an apple to split it? And the fruit bursts out at you? Like that. 

On the palate the first draft is immediately oaky - almost resinous - soon giving way to a lovely lush soft weight of vanilla and guavas and clean sharp unripe pears and pineapple with a delightful weighty and full-bodied mouthfeel that falls away into the lasting finish that reveals that extra dash of alcohol - maybe the .3%?

I'd drink it with a nice fat freshly caught and therefore earthy brown trout. On the riverbank. Then I'd take a little nap. 

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