Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Cup Wines. Day Three. Australia vs Germany

Australia has made big and blousey over-oaked superstrength Chardonnay its own so look no further than this brash and bruising Aussie white to slurp through the Socceroos opening match against Germany.

(See The Wine Rules: 4: Blowsy Aussies still have the power to blow you away:

And just as Australian wine history is founded in the near past, bearing in mind the nation is only a couple of hundred years old and only celebrated its bicentenary as recently as 1988 (having celebrated it once already in 1970!) so German wine history is as old as the nation, viticulture having been established by the Romans.

Riesling is king in Germany. It is the great white grape. The wines range in style from just dry to cloyingly sweet Trockenbeerenauslese, and vary in strength from just 9% ABV. Prices start competitively, but rare and ancient top quality vintages fetch thousands.

So for everyday drinking I recommend you have it young and fresh in a crisp and elegant Kabinett. Look for Trocken on the label. It means dry. Which is how I find German football.

You could always opt a red of course, and while Australia has no equivalent to Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose the Oz answer to the Teutonic Spätburgunder is super spicy Shiraz - more Lucas Neill than Harry Kewell, more Tim Cahill than Mesut Oezil.

Australia 1 Germany 2

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