Thursday, 17 June 2010

World Cup throws up unlikely tasting pairings

The next couple of the World Cup group matches throw together any number of winemaking nations whose wines are seldom seen alongside one another or tasted together - indeed some are rarely encountered on the same continent.

So just for the hell of it I've decided to accept the challenge some of these random wine combinations have thrown at me to see how they can be compared, if at all.

The danger is of course that the well of my World Cup Wine blog will run dry for precisely the same reason any well runs dry i.e. a lack of liquid. It's quite one thing for me to have provided you with a steer as to the appropriate wines to drink from each of the World Cup's 32 nations, but quite another thing to find the relevant wines outside each country's borders. 

Mildly interesting co-incidence that all the World's Top 10 exporters are at the World Cup. I expect most of us have fairly ready access to wines from these countries:  

South Africa

But did you notice the World's biggest producer of wine isn't on the list? And China didn't make it to the World Cup either. 

Although a representative of the world's biggest importer did: England (representing the UK).

So here are the next three wine matches I'm looking forward to:

English Fizz vs Slovenian (see

Greek Retsina (see vs Argentinian Toronntes

Danish Skærsøgaard Vin Don's Cuvee vs Japanese Koshu. 

I don't know where I'll find either of these latter two so if you do please let me know too.

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