Saturday, 9 January 2010

Welcome to The Wine Rules

I'm a writer of some 30 years standing (well, mostly sitting actually) and thought I'd deploy my experience in this blog to cut through some of the nonsense that surrounds viniculture to give you my take - sometimes somewhat opinionated, sometimes bound to be wrong, sometimes ugly - on wine.

I'll be looking at the countries and regions that produce wine, at what they do best and why, and looking at a specific appellation, as the French have it, or a particular vintage, as and when it takes my fancy or as you, hopefully my reader, demand it.

Along the way I'll also be expanding on some of the terminology employed in the wine industry and trying to add some understanding to the jargon that so litters this particular subject.

Of course, there will be tasting. And disagreement. But I hope there will also be entertainment, humour, and dancing.

As Albert Finney once wrote to me, 'Enjoy'.

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